about us videos

Get to know MWBTR from the two fabulous women who started the rescue over 20 years ago. This series of videos gives you the history of MWBTR, how the money you donate gets used, as well as some funny tips and tricks from the rest of the Board of Directors!

meet gwen & denise

Our Founders share their story about how MWBTR got started 23 years ago.

meet boo boo

Meet Boo Boo and learn how you helped us raise $1,260 to get him out of pain.

mwbtr tips: snoring pups

Hear helpful tips about how to fall asleep with a snoring pup.

meet dodger

Meet the dog that makes everyone smile and find out how we saved his life when he struggled to breathe.

why volunteer

MWBTR leaders explain why volunteers are so important.

meet harley

Meet a forever foster who knew love and peace in his final days on this world.

dog antics

Think your pup is silly? Hear these stories about the sneakiest and boldest pups at MWBTR.